Four Web Resources Every Aspiring Web Developer Should Utilize..

By: Leon “2K” Asare

Web resources are extremely important to every web developer. They can range from an online YouTube tutorial to a coding repository that can save your code for you like an online bank for your code. So, just in case you lose or something happens to your computer, you will still be able to retrieve your hard coded work. Here are four of my top web resources for the aspiring web developer. is the largest and most used website for web developers. It is not only a magnificent educational tool and online coding academy for newbie coders, but it’s also a good reference website for experienced programmers. is another website that is a good reference resource for the up-and-coming or even professional software engineers. It’s a website where you can take part in public and private Q&As to have your developer questions answered or you can answer questions of other developers who need some useful advice. One of the great features of is the the section that allows you to browse for web development jobs.

3. is a website the allows web developers to save their thousands or even hundreds of thousands of lines code in an online repository, which can be easily accessed anywhere in the world. The great thing about Github is that it allows for team member collaboration for online web projects. Team members don’t even have to be on the same continent to work on a project together. You can be on a beautiful beach in Ghana West Africa, and your teammates can be scattered throughout America, Asia and Europe; and yet the entire team can can be working on a project simultaneously.

4. YouTube is one of my favorite websites to find free online tutorials. There are literally hundreds or even thousands of hours of free coding tutorials. Most of them are taught by experienced web professionals. One of my favorite YouTube coding channels is It’s taught by one of the best programmers I have ever seen give tutorials (free or paid). He literally has hundreds of hours of free online tutorials on markup and programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, PHP, MYSQL and NodeJs and web frameworks like Reactjs, Bootstrap, AngularJs, Jquery and much more.

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