To The Aspiring Web Developers….

By: Leon “2K” Asare

So, you want to be a freelance web developer, but where do you start first? In my opinion, if you’re starting from scratch, I would start with HTML: Hyper-Text Markup Languages (which is the building blocks of a website). The next language I would suggest you learn is another markup language called CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (which helps to style your HTML and gives your website a more aesthetically pleasing design). The programming language of Javascript, would be the next language on my list, Javascript gives your website functionality, and makes it easier for users to interact with it.

HTML, CSS and Javascript are Front-end development languages, if you believe you would like to experiment with back-end web development, there are languages like Node.js (back-end Javascript), Python, PHP, and Java would be languages that you would have to learn (you only have to learn one, so see which one is in demand in your area).

A great free online learning resource is, it’s like having your own coding bootcamp in your phone or laptop/desktop. has hundreds of chapters you can read and exercises that you can perform. One of best features is its code editor, which you can use to practice your coding.

That being said, you don’t have to complete the courses at or any other website or book before you start working on your first web developer project, here is a list of free and or cheap text editors for web developers:

1. Visual Studi Code : (my choice).

2. Sublime Text 3 (

3. Atom (

4. (

5. NotePadd++ (

6. Vim (

Here are some great online learning resources:




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